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SVC and Low-Latency Video Conferencing

Learn more about streaming latency at Streaming Media East 2022.

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Andy Howard: In terms of video conferencing solutions, they typically do not use webRTC, except when you're trying to interact with between two competing things, like if you're in a WebEx video conferencing room and you're trying to join a Teams room, it'll typically use webRTC to make that translation. Zoom, for instance, uses scalable video coding [SVC], which is kind of like adaptive bitrate streaming where there's different layers in the video and, based on the bandwidth and the CPU and things like that, it'll drop down to a lower level based on what you have available to you. But it's also extremely low latency, because that's always been a consideration for videoconferencing providers.

Tim Siglin: SVC was one of those things that came along shortly after H.264 moved into the streaming world. I I'd used it in video conferencing for years before I moved into streaming. SVC had a really good idea, but it never took off. And part of that was that H.265 was on the horizon. Maybe we'll get to H.265 and it'll do things better for us. But that's a good reminder, Andy, that SVC is one of those things that works really well when it comes to things like this, where we need bidirectional. And, as Ryan was saying, we need to prioritize time of equality.

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