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Programmatic Advertising and the Fairness Doctrine

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Tony Brown: Our whole brand premise is based on trying to present a refreshed view of what media and the news ought to be in this day and age and combat the hyper-partisan shift that we've seen over over the last decade or so in television news. You make the point about advertising and it makes me think about earlier this year. And we depend very heavily on programmatic advertising. There's still a lot of folks who believe that equal time is an established doctrine and still applies. The thing with programmatic advertising is, you're opening your doors, you're opening up your ad spots, but there really isn't a lot of control that you have over who fills those ad spots.

We got all kinds of feedback from viewers who were really unhappy with the fact that they might be seeing all ads from one candidate and not from another, and that's not necessarily a failing on our part. It's just that there are certain candidates that wanted to advertise in certain localities or to certain IP addresses, and those are showing up. So that's an interesting thing--what kind of trickled down then into how these folks are perceiving our brand and going against what we're saying on our air as being an anti-partisan news outlet and really striving towards something that, that leaves that bias at the door.

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