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OTT Audience-Targeting Best Practices for 2021

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: What types of targeting are you finding in your research are most effective, and then we'll come back in a minute with which types are least effective, but let's start with what works.

CJ Bangah: I think the targeting that comes through as being the most effective--and this is a somewhat unsatisfying answer--is the targeting that is the least intrusive and the most creative. And so when we're working with our clients on approaching the ecosystem and competing and differentiating in the space ... This is a real life example from another industry panel I participated on. There was a company that had a movie studio that had a new release and they came to the publisher and they said, "I want to target people of Asian descent who like strategy games for this movie release." And the conversation in this example was, "Well, we don't have that kind of targeting. And, oh, by the way, is that even the right target?"

And so I think the targeting that works the best is the targeting that goes underneath the hood a little bit. It's not about just demographic details. It's not about what we think, or the stereotypes that we're making on the types of people that are going to be interested in this new film. It's the targeting that actually finds the right way of balancing with consumer journeys--which by the way, have also changed. It's no longer consumer journey; it's consumer spaghetti, funnels getting collapsed if they even exist at all, if you believe in the marketing funnel. So I think a lot of this, when you think about targeting it's, "Okay, what do we have? And then let's engage in a two-way conversation with the publishers that we're thinking about advertising with, or the publishers that we're thinking about working with to understand who they have, and then find the way to match our data models up in a compliant way to get underneath the targeting that works for us." Because in some cases, targeting, if it's a big, super-global blockbuster or if it's a niche foreign language film, all of these things are going to have a different targeting algorithm that is right for them. There is no one-size-fits-all model on targeting. And it really will be nuanced depending on what type of thing you're looking at, but it needs to be a listening discussion and dialogue between brands, marketers, agencies, and publishers to get to the right targeting engine.

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