Next-Gen TV Sports and the Hybrid Experience

Learn more about hybrid OTT at Streaming Media East 2022.

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Todd Achilles: This hybrid experience is really the core of what we've done. We've created this over-the-air/over-the-top experience, but we've really worked hard to abstract the the underlying deliveries. So behind your remote, you have no idea if one of the channels you're watching in the EPG is being streamed, or it's coming over the air. It doesn't really matter as long as the content's there and it's easy to get to. We use the Vewd operating system on our current box. And that that gives us an app catalog on top of some other functionality that we've got, we're able to kind of pull this together. We announced this really cool service that we'll be rolling out soon where it's kind of a smart DVR, but we we're basically taking the games that we're streaming in Colorado--the Nuggets and the Avalanche--and we're creating an app that updates live or in real time with the games.

So rather than having to set a DVR, go back, or try and catch one of the re-airs ,you just go to the app side of the user experience, click on the Nuggets app, and boom, you can watch last night's game last night and see the phenomenal finish. And I think that sort of hybrid experience where you begin to pull these pieces together. A lot of the interactive work that we're doing around live sports is directly applicable to education. We've got a couple free over-the-air learning channels and beginning to integrate quizzes and move people forward and look at career opportunities and things like that. We're trying to take what we're doing on the pay TV side and make it available in our communities.

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