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Is Hybrid the Future of Business Communication?

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Andy Howard: Do we think that it's gonna go back to the old way of doing things when people return to an office and you can go back into an auditorium and you can do things like that? Or do we think we're still gonna predominantly have this remote production environment going on?

Dan Swiney: We've had a couple false starts in terms of just going back in the office, but at LinkedIn in general, it's been a fair amount of people now starting to go back into the office. The office, for us, would be Bay Area predominantly. I was actually surprised at how much just the office went back to normal. You're wearing masks, you're doing all these types of things, but there's definitely a group of folks who appreciate being present in the office for their work. I could see that carrying over to be present for for conversations and having discussions and streaming that it will be both. In the past, we did everything on site. Now that we're doing everything virtual, it will be both, and it'll be figuring out how to tie those two together. So I do see it. I think it's all about degrees again, how much of a mix, and it may be different between companies. It may be different between the kind of shows that we're doing our internal things. We may have a fair amount of people that come in because they want to meet their coworker and talk.

Our virtual shows--our external-facing ones may well still be a much larger remote audience. Our shows that we would do in Vegas, you'd have whatever we had there, 1,000 people, 2,000, whatever the number was there. And we'd have multiples of that watching the stream. So the conversation, which I'm sure is where you're going with this is, well, how do you address both with the same content that's going out there? And that's the challenge that we're facing now. How do we think about how they're gonna take the information, but also, should everybody get the same information? Some people would have chat 'cause they're online. Other people are gonna have the benefit of talking to the person next to them. Those are both benefits. I don't see that one excludes the other; it's just kind of tailoring your content to those different audiences. So I do see it as a mix. And I think if I was a betting man, I would think it's actually gonna go further onsite than I would've thought. I didn't think it would, but I'm starting to see that because if I could, if I could drive the four miles to Huntington Beach to go to Streaming Media West, it's not quite as long a trip as yours, but I would because I get to hang out with you guys and actually have a conversation and grab all those other pieces. So I do see it as straying a little further than I originally thought. First, I thought the world's completely changed. We're all staying at home forever. We're never going back in. So I guess I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll get back.

Melissa Dale: But let's not lose sight of the financial gains, from a business perspective, of people not traveling for almost two years. Speaking as someone from business, not necessarily industry, I have a vested interest in making sure that I am providing a service to Deloitte that is going to maintain as much benefit of hybrid and collaboration and connection with our clients that can happen without having to be at a client site. And while I agree with Dan, there's absolutely value in that conversation when do I need to be there, when do I not, if we can't make hybrid work successfully in the day-to-day business world, then I start to lose those people I'm gonna benefit if I'm their live.

So, from a technology perspective, it's in our interest and my team's interest and my leader's interest to make sure that our technology is not just easy to use, easy to understand, but that our clients are really seeing value in why we're investing in this direction. So that in the end, we're still staying profitable and maintaining as many people not traveling as possible.

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