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How to Use Video to Keep Remote Team Members Engaged

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: What are ways in general that you recommend to leverage video, to keep your employees engaged either as they work remotely or even once they someday may come back into the office?

Bill Cherne: That data seems really far away, but it'll be here soon. I hope. One thing I notice, just with friends, teammates, even, it's a high level of distraction. And at the end of the day, maybe it's a little woo woo, but I believe we've got to keep our employees healthy, as happy as we can, given that, we're all thrown into this together, and show grace, and try and meet our teammates and our employees and our students and anybody we're educating where they are. Put your feet in their shoes for a second. And if they're young and single, maybe they're feeling alone through all this.

And they're feeling scared if they're older, they're probably feeling scared because COVID is supposed to be scary for the older generations as well. Or if you're a family or you're just there. Even pre-COVID, anybody with a kid that's gone through that just knows it's hard. And now you throw in the fact that your kids are downstairs learning, sucking up your bandwidth while you're on a Zoom meeting. So I really fall back to trying to show grace with your employees record every meeting. And I know some people get a little nervous about it, but capture it and throw it somewhere. I'd love to see it in MediaSite, 'cause that's where I work. That's what I believe in.

But even if you're just going to keep the Zoom link in Zoom, keep it there and then turn on your webcams more. I've done this with my team. I try and show my face all the time. And it leads to a little more distraction, so we're not quite on the agenda like I'd love to be, but it leaves that talking time to help bring in that water cooler talk that we're all missing, that we're all craving. We're all really desperately craving this. And it helps bring that in. So you can remember, "These are people that I'm working with, as well as that engineer, who's going to write the code fix for me."

And then, if you're a leader in the organization, video messages. If you can't do the webcast, fire up your webcam, record a message. Say, "Hey, everybody, great week. Here's what we've done this week. Here's the stuff we could have done better on. Have a great weekend." Just knock out a four-minute video, and share it. Our CEO does that quite a bit and it, it really resonates well with the team. And I know it's a kind of a good way to end a hard week, when you see that message from your senior leadership team.

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