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How to Personalize Sports and eSports Streams

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Codi Warren: The majority of our audience is watching because they either have played, or they have kids who are playing. So, that's kind of the easy fish to get. You're not going to explain the rules of softball every single time you stream or you do broadcast something, maybe like a quick, five-second blurb about differences in the game, that kind of thing. I think that's where we, as an organization, really excel, is that you just get their initial interest peaked and then we'll use targeted ads. Whether it's on the streaming or if it's on just the broadcast of, hey you just liked what you saw, check out USAsoftball.com and we'll explain everything you need to know basically about the sport for those of you who haven't played. Because, for me, as a viewer, if I'm watching and every single time that I'm watching an NCAA softball game, they explain to me the rules of the game. I'm going to get irritated and I'm not going to want to watch that part of it. But that's where we strategically pull them off site, you know, during the broadcast, just kind of do a better job of explaining it for, maybe those who have never really played it before.

Ari Evans: One of the grand tragedies of live streaming, is that it's just a TV broadcast that's on the internet. That really dulls the power of the internet. It's not a one-way broadcast medium. You can know who's on the other end of the line, right and you could personalize the experience to those viewers. So, for example, something borrowed from... And I mean this is a big problem in Esports especially. If you try to bring--if you're a kid and you bring your dad to watch this game, they're gonna have no idea what's going on most of the time. So, if you're watching online, if it's your first time watching this sport, you can change the graphical package and the overlays that come up. You might not be produced in the content itself with a caster, but you can add through the layers of content that appear around it. You can personalize it to the viewer. So, you could be overly explanatory to a first time watcher. And to someone who you know is looking at the stats. Who's participating in fantasy. You drop all that stuff out and you show a deeper, more statistics-related broadcast to them. And a lot of this can just be automated with AI.

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