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How to Make Hybrid Meetings Work

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Tim Siglin: Andy, back on enterprise real quick. What's your general sense on hybrid meetings for enterprise? We've all talked about this with trade shows. Maybe as sort of the fallback, if you can't have a live in-person event or a large-scale live event, what about in the enterprise space? Are hybrid meetings coming into play? And if so, where does low-latency delivery come into play?

Andy Howard: Hybrid events are definitely gonna be the main type of event. Hopefully soon there will actually be people back in offices, but there's still gonna be a large number of people that are remote. So it's a big challenge for sure in the video conferencing world where our conference rooms are not set up for these hybrid-type solutions. We always used to do just internal calls. Nobody ever was remote. It's the same thing with streaming. I think most people have figured out how to send content out to the internet because they had to do that by default for the last couple of years. Being able to deliver it back into your enterprise environment is still relatively straightforward, but with a caution that the enterprise networks have changed significantly.

A lot of people got rid of their MPLS networks and, and into a SASE-type environment where basically every office has a direct connection out to the cloud that that does require some network re-engineering in terms of your ECDN, does multicast work in that environment. If I'm doing peer-to-peer, how do I need to set it up so that only the peers in a certain office are gonna share content with each other. So I think hybrid events are gonna continue to be the norm and and enterprises need to figure out how to handle that from a networking perspective.

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