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How to Leverage Data in VOD Monetization

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Matt Smith: Taken the data that they learn from, that we've just described, how content is being engaged with, how long people are watching, how many people are starting up a stream in Toledo, Ohio versus New York City is very valuable data. And our customers can take that data through that feedback loop and look at it over time and say, "We ran a particular show at a particular time it did really well at eight p.m. in a live scenario or, we simulcast our newscasts and the morning show does really really well, the midday show not so much, the evening news, yes and no."

So then they can make programming decisions about what they want, where they want it, and really tweak and tune the performance or even think about moving something in or out of a particular slot. And I would say too, the interesting element to this is we have technologies now that are coming to market where our customers can schedule different shows to air at different times in a D-to-C product even than they would in a broadcast product.

So, for example, if you know that a live event does well at a particular time, you can schedule that and it plays that as a live event and then if you've got a show that you know does well at another time, but maybe it's not airing on the broadcast but you have an on demand asset of it sitting in your repository, you can program that to run or you can build an entirely different schedule of content to live in a D-to-C world than it does in the broadcast world.

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