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How Pocket.watch Determines Age-Appropriate Content

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: Are there any things that come up where you say, "Man we really can't do that for a property," a character that's really you know mostly for seven to 10-year-olds.

David B. Williams: You know, not too much, to be honest with you. A lot of our content we create in partnership or it has actually been created by our creator partners. In fact, I noticed in the description I feel like it might give Pocket.watch a little too much glory on some of the content. We produce original content as a studio with our creator partners and that's definitely a big part of our business. The Ryan's Mystery Playdate is a great example of that. We have another one called HobbyKids Adventures, it's an animated show created by or co-created by Butch Hartman who did Fairly OddParents, a very well known show in the Nickelodeon world. But a lot of the content that we distribute is the content they made for their YouTube channels, and we repackage it, we kind of plus it up a little bit; we add some wraparounds, and things like that. We make sure it's cleared and scrubbed of any sort of elements that might be a problem. But those typically aren't a kind of standards and practices problems--

Eric: Standards and practices, right.

David: That you might think. I think that it has with the instincts of those families that they understand, you know, that they've got their kids in the room. I think they tend to make pretty good decisions on that front, but we do have our own set of S&P guidelines and you know there are things that are on the bubble are things like implied profanity, right?

Eric: Right.

David: Like, "Shut the F up." If I said that, where does that fall and is that okay for a nine-year-old maybe but not so okay for a six-year-old? But they're pretty marginal. Sometimes it's stuff like Fortnite. It's like when they're playing Fortnite, that becomes a bigger question for us because we consider that sort of a little bit of a 10-year-old and up-type property but kids love it. And so you've gotta find a little bit of a balance there.

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