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How Connected TV Can Move Beyond Live Linear

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Tal Chalozin: It's pretty obvious that we're we're in the early innings of Connected Television, meaning that in the same way as when iPhone launched it was first used for phone calls and then people realized that it was actually a computer computation platform, you can do so much more. The same thing happened with Connected Television, where the first step is doing exactly same thing as linear television, and then doing more. For example, not to be too corny, but it's like what Coinbase did during the Super Bowl. That's an example of how a click-through could happen. Obviously, there was a massive novelty factor in that, but it was enormously successful, propelling the app to first or second in the App Store in matter of minutes. And we do the same thing again. This is early days, but it's kind of obvious the future of television marketing would be something like, if I see an ad for, say, a vacation rental on VRBO and think it's super cool, why can't I save it to my Favorites? And I wanna share it with my wife and say, "Oh, this is actually something pretty awesome. I wanna do that." Or I see a movie trailer which is available in streaming, I can add it to my queue, or just remind me later, or things like that. It's obvious that it will happen.

I would just say that, this year, in 2022, Amazon is coming full force into the streaming world with Thursday Night Football. I would imagine that Amazon is kind of the kings of commerce with every session of everyone watching Thursday Night Football logged in with a prime account. The lines are pretty close between watching Thursday Night Football and watching some, NFL merch and adding it to my cart. It's a very, very short distance to connect the two dots. And if not this year, it will happen very soon.

Chris Pfaff: I think that level of ecommerce is happening. And another data point: eMarketer has said that in 2022, we will see 204 million U.S. Viewers through Connected TV devices.

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