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How Can Brand Marketers Succeed with Live Events

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Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen: Adam, what do brand marketers need to prioritize? And what do they need to get from the live streaming industry in order to achieve success with live events?

Adam Paul: If you're talking about large-scale monetization or large-scale streaming events, there's two things you gotta be really, really, really careful about, because the consumer--right now more than ever--does not like to get a product pushed down their throat. They hate it. Especially when they're paying for it, they feel like they want it pure. If it's a ticketed event and there's also a sponsor involved, you gotta be really, really wise about how you integrate their product into the stream. On the social platforms and places and around the stream, it's a very powerful touchpoint or a point of purchase for people to have like-minded, very targeted advertising to get to.

We did a number of different streams this year with branded partners. And obviously, the brand partners are always gonna want their logo everywhere all the time in any possible way that they could get it. And I think with sports, it's a little easier to do that. I think the authenticity of music is such a special and personal thing to people, and people really feel like they're part of a club if they listened to Phish or Grateful Dead or the Chili Peppers or John Legend or whoever is their per se drug of choice. And when it's Bud Light Seltzer is a hundred times in front of their picture, I think it softens the message. So, my advice to anybody doing it is to make sure that you keep the experience authentic, either ticketed or branded.

And I think if it's free, then there's a little more space to do some of those things and have some of those brand partners. And I think with what Eric does with some of the bigger sporting events, and it's a little more accepted and normal, but no one is used to going to a Phish show or a Lizzo show or whatever, and getting logos put in their face. Just keeping the authenticity of the experience is super important to the people that are streaming it. But I think to brands, if they can understand that, if there's a way that they can take that authenticity and use that authenticity to legitimize their product, but not overblast it, it's going to have way more staying power than if you overdo it with over branding.

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