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Why Bell Canada Entered the CDN Market and What it Learned

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For carriers, network operators, and even enterprises interested in starting their own CDN, Robert Kevork, associate director of marketing for Bell Canada's CDN stopped by the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City to share his company's experiences doing just that. Kevork began by explaining Bell Canada's motivations.

"When we started, at Bell, to look at CDN a few years back, we were looking at it from two fronts: certainly from a cost-reduction perspective, helping to manage our internal costs with increasing traffic over our networks, and having better control over the traffic that's traversing over our infrastructure, while also certainly to drive additional revenue for Bell," said Kevork. "We looked at, certainly, the media sector, where there was more and more bandwidth, more traffic going over the internet, and we needed to move quickly in order to be part of that business. But we also saw a great opportunity for us to play a role for traditional enterprise."

Kevork also described how a CDN fit into Bell Canada's offerings:

"We are helping customers today in a wide variety of areas, from hosting services, network services, and web content development services, so what we want to do, essentially, is use CDN as a complementary set of offers in order to be able to deliver a full end-to-end set of capabilities to our end customers," said Kevork.

Watch Kevork's talk, below, and download his presentation. Also download the presentation of Simon Drinkwater, senior director of strategic alliances at Limelight Deploy. Limelight was Bell Canada's partner in the offering.

Why a Managed-CDN Offering was Compelling for Bell Canada

Carriers, OTT providers, network operators and even large enterprises are increasingly interested in offering their own CDN and other value-added services. For many, the reduction of costs, expansion of service offerings, and generation of additional revenue streams are compelling value propositions. Gain invaluable insight from Bell Canada and their solution provider Limelight Networks on the challenges of entering the CDN market, best practices on doing so successfully, and why a Managed-CDN approach may be best for you.

Simon Drinkwater, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Limelight Deploy
Robert Kevork, Associate Director, Marketing, Content Delivery Network, Bell Canada

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