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Where to Watch the Royal Wedding Online

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The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will no doubt be the online video event of the season, with millions around the world logging in to see the pageantry on display.

If you want to watch it all, you might want to plan ahead. Demand will be heavy and buffering delays are likely. We're collecting streams here, so you'll be able to find one that works.

The wedding will begin at 6 AM Eastern/3 AM Pacific on Friday, April 29th.

Live Video Streams of the Royal Wedding

E! Online

The E! entertainment network wants to be the top choice for royal wedding programming. Coverage both online and on TV begins at 4 AM Eastern on Friday. Let's hope they have a red carpet set up.

Viewers have the choice of watching the stream on E!'s website or Liking E! on Facebook and watching the video there.

If you can't be home for the wedding, E! will also stream video live to its free Live from the Red Carpet iPhone app.


Your best bet might be YouTube, which should be able to handle the heavy demand. It will begin coverage at 5 AM Eastern and could provide a hype-free alternative to E!.

ABC News

Look to the ABC News website for a live stream of the wedding. ABC will also make that stream available on its iPhone and iPad apps, as well as on Hulu, Yahoo, and VCast. It's coverage starts at 4 AM Eastern.


For proper English commentary, watch the live stream from the BBC. The network has also set up a royal wedding page that will be the focus of all its coverage.

Fox News

Look to Hulu for the Fox News live stream starting at 5 AM Eastern, anchored by Shepard Smith and Martha MacCallum.


The live streaming site has a news page full of Royal Wedding-related feeds which will show the wedding or other related streams. Viewers can set reminders for the streams they want to watch.


Livestream will show the AP's live video of the wedding, as well as other related videos.


Video site ArgyleTV's royal wedding stream appears to be just an MSNBC stream, but it may be less trafficked on that day. A misprint on the site says that coverage will begin at 4 PM Eastern. Don't wait till then or you'll miss it.


This site will not only have a live stream, but also includes a forum for chatting and a gift shop to buy William and Kate souvenirs.

If you know about more royal wedding live video sites, let us know in the comments and we'll add them to the page.

Splash News

For the outside view, Splash News will record guests arriving and departing outside the church, and will stream that video on Ustream, Justin.tv, and DailyMotion.

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