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Video Engineering Summit to Debut at Streaming Media West 2018

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The upcoming Streaming Media West conference in November will contain plenty of fresh options for regular attendees and first-timers alike, and chief among those is the new Video Engineering Summit (VES), a two-day conference for video engineers. Expect high-level discussions about video quality, compression, encoding, transcoding, formats, optimization, and much more.

"VES is a summit for hardcore video engineers," explains Jan Ozer, streaming media consultant and one of the event's co-organizers. "Every aspect of streaming is critical, but certainly none more so than the engineers who control encoding, distribution, and overall QoE of live and VOD events. This track presents nine topics that focus on these professionals at a deep technical level that should allow them to return to their offices and immediately use what they have learned."

Attendees will see Netflix present on the AV1 codec and compare it to HEVC, VP9, and H.264. They'll also get Vimeo talking about identifying root causes of quality issues via playback metrics, Iraj Sodagar—a multimedia system architect from NexTreams—explaining how CMAF (Common Media Application Format) cuts costs while reducing latency, and Mux leading a panel on machine learning in streaming video. Consultant David Hassoun from RealEyes Media will present tools and techniques for diagnosing and repairing problems in large-scale events.

"I'm encouraged that Streaming Media conferences have been steadily growing the depth and breadth of deep-dive technical sessions and workshops, and the Video Engineering Summit is another step in that direction," says Robert Reinhardt, director of VideoRx and the event's other co-organizer. "We're offering attendees and speakers alike the opportunity to share innovative solutions to common and not-to-so common problems. With WebRTC finally reaching a critical mass across browser stacks and ultra-low latency solutions being built with lower costs of cloud infrastructure, we're going to see how quickly real-time solutions will reach the masses as we head into 2019."

Streaming Media West will have plenty of new options this year, but its amazing location—the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach—is staying the same. Streaming Media West and the Video Engineering Summit will take place November 13 and 14. Visit the VES conference page to learn more.

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