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The Impact of Internet-enabled TVs, Consoles, and Set-top Boxes

The new era of connected televisions and living room devices hasn't just impacted viewers; it's required new ways of operating behind the scenes, as well. Here's how Paul Wehrley, general manager for Clicker, described the new playing field at a Streaming Media East panel discussion entitled "The Impact of Broadband-Enabled TVs, Gaming Consoles, and Devices":

"The content owners themselves, they got to be very careful about jeopardizing the relationships there. If they put too much content [online] or give too much to Netflix, too much online for free, Comcast, instead of paying $2 to carry Comedy Central, says, 'Well, there's too much competition. I'll give you a dollar for that,'" said Wehrley. "And the same thing with Time Warner and the same thing with Cox, and suddenly Comedy Central/Viacom's business starts shrinking a bit.

"These guys do wield a lot of power. If feel like TV Everywhere...it's a hedge against everyone just fleeing to Netflix."

To hear more about the battle for the living room, scroll down to view the entire video.

The Impact of Broadband-Enabled TVs, Gaming Consoles, and Devices

With the number of new broadband-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players being sold, along with devices such as the Xbox, Roku, TiVo, and PS3, consumers now have many ways to get their video fix. So what are the new business models that will be created around these new devices? What hurdles need to be overcome so that content can be monetized for multiple platforms? Explore with this panel the role of current consumer entertainment devices in this new convergent world and how these devices will play together to offer a superior video experience.

Moderator: Dan Frommer, Deputy Editor, The Business Insider
Speaker: Paul Wehrley, GM, Clicker
Speaker: Eric Anderson, VP, Content and Product Solutions, Samsung
Speaker: John Griffin, Director, Connected Electronics, Dolby

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