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Streaming Media West Preview: Adap.tv Focuses on Programmatic

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Streaming Media West is all about the future of the online video industry, and in the opening day keynote attendees will hear how programmatic technology will change not only the ad market, but all other parts of the video pipeline, as well.

Presented by Dan Ackerman, a senior vice president with Adap.tv, the keynote will focus on the rise of programmatic technology and predict the impact it will have on global businesses, especially online video. While ad buying is being reshaped by programmatic buying already, areas such as content discovery and content distribution will also undergo changes.

Programmatic technology means applying automation to leverage data for decisioning. While its use in advertising is more obvious, massive data stores are already used in creating new programming on Netflix, for example. While the process isn't automated, the common factor is data, says Ackerman.

"All of this data is now being collected and automated as more devices are proliferating in the market," Ackerman says. "One of the biggest challenges of the industry is making all this data usable."

In his keynote, Ackerman will show how to apply data to decision-making. Since his expertise is advertising, he says that a third of the keynote will look at the ad market, where programmatic, he says, is scaling the business.

"it's helped to bring display back, making it relevant again," Ackerman says. For advertisers, it means being able to leverage data to connect buyers and impressions, and guides targeted creative work. Programmatic is helping the online video industry scale, he says, taking significant pieces of the display and even TV advertising budgets. Programmatic will even expand to traditional television.

"We're on the cusp of that happening in linear TV, as well," Ackerman says. Just don't look for that market to scale like online video will.

Besides hearing about the changes programmatic will bring, Ackerman wants attendees to leave the keynote with a plan for their business.

"The takeaway here is really doing an evaluation of their business and seeing how technology and data can help them scale," Ackerman says.

It's about future-proofing businesses so they can compete and thrive as their market evolves. Look at the companies that didn't evolve, Ackerman says, such as Blockbuster. It couldn't change, so Netflix and Amazon came along and swallowed its business. Learn to embrace new technology, he adds. It's the way to stay competitive in the new online video market.

Streaming Media West's opening keynote will take place Tuesday, November 13, at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, California.

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