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Streaming Gains Ground in the Living Room; Over 50% Connected

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The living room is going online, and it's happening faster than many would have thought. Interpret LLC, an entertainment, media, and technology market research firm, has found that over half of U.S. households now have an Internet-connected device in their living rooms.

Before the industry starts cheering, Interpret is counting gaming consoles in that figure, and no, they're not all being used for movie and TV show streaming. In fact, Interpret found that only 22 percent of gaming console owner have ever used it to stream a movie or TV show.

Shockingly, that number is even lower for set-top box owners. Of those who own Roku boxes, Apple TVs, and other set-top devices, only 18 percent have used it to stream a movie or TV show.

That information is part of a report entitled "The State of Internet-Connected Living Rooms," which sells for $250.

Interpret has also released streaming audio numbers that are equally dismal. Consumers only listen to streaming music options 16 percent of the time when listening to music, it found. It concludes that cloud-based music services need to do a better job conveying value to the public.

Interpret's streaming audio study, "Streaming Music: Will It Replace the CD and MP3?," is also available for $250.

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