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OVPs Need to Simplify and Evolve: Here's How

What OVP should you choose and how should you integrate that OVP into your workflow? Do you homework before picking a solution, because the bigger, better-known OVPs may not have the niche skills you're looking for. Here's how Nathan Potter, vice president of digital media technology for A&E Television Networks, explained it during the panel discussion "Online Video Platforms: Simplifying the Content Publishing Workflow" at Streaming Media East:

"A lot of it depends on where, as a company, you want to be in the marketplace...If there's areas where you make the strategic decision that you really want to move ahead into mobile, into HTML5, into some of these other distribution channels where an OVP that's trying to serve everybody isn't necessarily going to get there, be the first one there, and you want to sort of distinguish yourself in the marketplace by being the first one there, that's going to take additional development effort," said Potter.

What kind of in-house team are companies going to have to put together to get out front with their online video efforts? Potter spelled it out:

"Developers in terms of PHP developers, as well as biz dev people to get you out there and say 'Okay, this is what we're offering,' these are the relationships that we have to make in order to make a model like that work; as well as editors to manage that content, keep the flow of content going, making sure that it's appropriately set up for each of the platforms that you're going for and running smoothly," added Potter.

For more on working with OVPs and creating as simple a workflow as possible, watch the entire video below:

Online Video Platforms: Simplifying the Content Publishing Workflow

Video workflows have become greatly refined over the years, thanks in large part to online video platform providers. While their services have been continually improved and refined to make it easier for content owners to manage their video, the platforms must evolve even further. This session discusses what the evolution of these services is going to look like, what new functionality customers are looking for, and ways in which the video ecosystem can be further simplified.

Moderator: Bruce Alfred, Web Video Consultant, Cobblestone Films
Speaker: Bill Horn, Technology Manager, Video Desk, The New York Times
Speaker: Steve Rosenbaum, CEO, Magnify.net
Speaker: Nathan Potter, VP, Digital Media Technology, A&E Television Networks
Speaker: Ron Yekutiel, Chairman, CEO, Kaltura Inc.

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