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How Online Video Has Rocked the World of News Reporting

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Advancements in streaming video and mobile platforms are changing the ways reporters gather news and disseminate it. They're also giving news organizations an outlet that they haven't had before. Here's how Kevin Delaney, managing editor for WSJ.com, explained it at the panel "How Video News has been Transformed by the Web and Mobile" during the recent Streaming Media East conference:

"There have been these waves of investment in television and video by newspaper companies that have not always turned out as they hoped they are. But what's really clear is that, particularly with IPTV and tablet platforms and things like that, there are real opportunities here, there is a real business here, there is a real business today, and there is a real business which we expect to be much larger down the line.

"So this is an area of investment news organizations would be really foolish to not see. This is something independent from little videos that accompany articles that reporters wrote."

Delaney was joined on the panel by representatives from Time, The New York Times, and Newsy. Scroll down to watch the video and see the entire discussion.

How Video News has been Transformed by the Web and Mobile

An in-depth conversation about the evolution of reporting, producing, distributing, and consuming video news. News executives will discuss strategies both around creating original content and in aggregating video from outside sources. Speakers will also talk about new distribution and syndication models and the emergence of new platforms for news, including mobile and connected TV's.

Moderator: Andy Plesser, Executive Producer, Beet.tv
Speaker: Kevin Delaney, Managing Editor, WSJ.com
Speaker: Jim Spencer, CEO, Newsy
Speaker: Craig Duff, Multimedia Director, Time Magazine
Speaker: Ann Derry, Editorial Services Director, Video and Television, The New York Times

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