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High Quality Video Leads to Better Monetization, Says Panel

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One thing is clear about the emerging online video business: consumers are willing to pay for higher quality. A panel at the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City looked at the relationship between video quality and revenues.

Dave Moffly, the CEO of Baeblemusic.com, started things off with a look at how his company presents original online video and how it works with partner Highwinds. Then, Brad Altfest, principle solutions architect for Highwinds, talked about why his company transitioned from streaming RTMP video to progressive HTTP delivery.

"One of the reasons that we as an organization had made the decision to switch away from RTMP, just as the late, great Mr. Jobs had looked at the performance on the client device, we were looking on our back end at the performance of RTMP, and we weren't really seeing performance that we were looking for," noted Altfest. "So, that was one of the main drivers behind our switch to progressive, and we like to think that, a few months ahead of the curve, we had seen in our crystal ball that RTMP was rapidly going to become a thing of the past. Obviously, with the announcement by Adobe that support's going to be ending, clearly that born out to be true."

But in moving to HTTP, Highwinds gained even more benefits than its people expected.

"One of the reasons that we decided to do this case study today with Baeble was because they did the switch, but as much as it may have been initially necessitated by the technology landscape, it really wound up resulting in some significant performance enhancements and quality enhancements for both the user as well as for the content distributor," said Altfest.

View the entire video below and download Altfest's presentation.

The Impact of Video Quality on Monetization

When it comes to video on the web, delivering a quality experience is what drives customers and brings them back. This presentation will discuss some of the ways content owners can maximize their monetization strategy by ensuring a high quality video experience. Learn about the impact of switching from RTMP to HTTP, offering multi-platform adaptive bitrate streaming, multi-device targeting and how to drive a quality user experience by leveraging real-time analytics with measurable performance data.

Brad Altfest, Principal Solutions Architect, Highwinds
David Moffly, CEO, Baeblemusic.com

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