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HTML5 Fact and Fiction: What it Can Do and What's Still Missing

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There are a lot of questions surrounding HTML5 video, mostly about features that it lacks and how to get around those gaps. For answers, turn to Jeff Whatcott, senior vice president of global marketing for Brightcove.

Here's how Whatcott described the interest in HTML5 video during his Streaming Media East discussion "Beyond Playback: The Path to Full Featured HTML5 Video Experiences":

"iOS and the war between Apple and Adobe, has probably done more for HTML5, to promulgate it and make it popular, than any other thing. It's the big driving factor. And in terms of the conversations that I'm in at Brightcove with our customers around the world and new customers that are coming to us, this is the thing: If I'm talking about HTML5, it's usually code for 'I need to get video working on an iPad. Can you do that?' That's really what it comes down to today.

"Now that's actually fine, you know - we happen to support it, so it's a good story, it's a good conversation - but what's also interesting about that is that because it's code for 'Can you get my video working on an iPad,' then other things start to enter into it, like, for example, people say 'HTML5 with Apple Live Streaming.' Well, Apple Live Streaming is an Apple-specific streaming protocol; it has nothing to do with HTML5."

In his talk, Whatcott described the many features that HTML5 video needs before it has parity with Flash. To watch his talk, download his presentation and scroll down to view the video.

Whatcott also delivered a successful Web event titled "HTML5 Facts & Fiction: The Truth About Delivering Online Video to HTML5 Devices Like the iPhone and iPad" on Streaming Media yesterday. It was this site's highest attended Web event ever and will be archived on the site for the next 90 days. Tune in and you'll see why Whatcott is such a trusted resource.

Beyond Playback: The Path To Full Featured HTML5 Video Experiences

The first generation of HTML5 video technology has been focused on just getting video to play. Things like video analytics, advertising, live streaming, content protection, and player UI customization have lagged behind. In this presentation, learn how these gaps can be addressed, both now and in the future, what HTML5 can and cannot do today and predictions for the state of HTML5 video experiences in the next 2-3 years.

Speaker: Jeff Whatcott, SVP, Global Marketing, Brightcove

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