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Get Your Video on the iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices

For many media & entertainment organizations, mobile and broadband were until recently two separate divisions, but the introduction of the iPad, "a broadband device with mobile characteristics," according to MTV's Glenn Goldstein—changed all that. And even though iOS devices make up the lion's share of mobile devices, Turner Broadcasting's Peter Scott encouraged all companies to be "cultural archeologists," always working to identify exactly what devices their users are accessing their content with.

The "Strategies for Preparing Your Video for Tablets and Mobile Devices" panel at Streaming Media East 2011 tackled these issues and more, with some surprising insights.

Scott even said that, for Turner's delivery of March Madness, the broadcaster decided against tailoring video for Android devices simply because it didn't feel the Android platform was "quite there yet," with Flash working on some devices but not others. Goldstein added that, even though Android device market share is currently growing faster than that of iOS devices, consumers are more likely to view the iPad and iPhone as entertainment devices than they are other mobile devices.

Zeitbyte's Gary Kahn addresses the roadblocks to delivering live events to multiple devices; many venues don't have enough bandwidth to handle outputting multiple streams, highlighting just one way that delivering to multiple devices incurs increased costs at every stage of the delivery chain. National Geographic's Bernice Chu discusses her organization's strategy for monetizing mobile video and how to get the most ROI from those additional transcoding and delivery expenses.

And is it possible to get your content on every device on the market? Zeitbyte's Kahn says no; watch the video below for the panel's insights into strategies for reaching the most users on the most devices without breaking the bank.

Strategies for Preparing Your Video for Tablets and Mobile Devices

If you distribute or produce content that will be digitally consumed, you are faced with preparing your media for a multitude of screens. From Android-based tablets to the iPad, iPhone 4, and beyond, mobility is the new video frontier. So what's the right strategy to reach all these devices? How many variants of one clip must a publisher create? Which platforms will yield the greatest uptake? In this session, industry leaders with hands-on experience answer these questions and provide a best practices approach to help you develop your content to multiple devices.

Moderator: Matt Smith, Systems Architect, Cisco Systems
Speaker: Gary Kahn, President, Zeitbyte
Speaker: Bernice Chu, VP, Business Development, National Geographic Ventures
Speaker: Peter Scott, Executive Director, Digital Partnerships, Turner Broadcasting
Speaker: Glenn Goldstein, VP, Video Technology and Strategy, MTV Networks Digital Media

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