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For Online Video, Context as Important as Content: Disney ABC

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The television world has changed, and gone are the days of three networks and all linear programming. No one knows this better than Disney ABC. At the recent Streaming Media West conference in sunny Huntington Beach, California, Christopher Eich, manager of product strategy for Disney ABC Television Group, explained how his company thinks about its changing role.

"Now with these new interactive technologies—the tablets, the PCs—we're finding ways that we just can't deliver content, we have to create new experiences around this content," Eich said. "It's interesting to think about how we're not just a content company now, but we're also a context company. Now we have to figure out ways to use deeper metadata and drive that context, and to drive a richer experience."

Viewers have more choices than ever, so publishers need to help them discover content they'll like. For Disney ABC, metadata is key.

"With these new technologies we've found that the old model of turning on your TV and watching a linear channel, leaning back and the consumer being told what to watch and when to watch, now that they're leaning forward we need to figure out ways to drive that discovery and the fragmentation of all these new video channels that are emerging," Eich added. "It's important to us to have deep, rich metadata even from a broadcast network to make sure we're able to be relevant in that field."

For more on creating an immersive viewing experience, watch the full discussion below.


Building an Immersive Online Television Experience

Nearly all major cable television networks have done online television syndication deals, bringing episodes of iconic series to the web. In this session, learn how the business and technical leads from some cable television networks joined forces to leverage video metadata to create unique and deeply immersive viewer experiences. The session discusses how these broadcasters created an enhanced viewer experience using video transcription, in-video search, and related content and how they drive monetization through the use of pre-roll ads and context-sensitive calls to action to their ecommerce partners.

Moderator: Tom Wilde, CEO - Ramp
Christopher Eich, Manager, Product Strategy - Disney ABC Television Group
Gerry Field, VP, Technology and Distribution Services - American Public Television
Tyler Winton, Senior Director, Client Services - Digitalsmiths, a TiVo Company

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