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Debunking HTML5 Video Myths: A Guide for Video Publishers

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In his fast-paced Streaming Media East session, Robert Reinhardt, the creator of videoRX.com, debunked the myth that video publishers should target HTML5 as a platform. Rather, they should focus on reaching viewers using the most efficient and effective means possible.

Reinhardt showed that Flash has much greater penetration today than HTML5 or iOS, and likely will into the future. He then discussed features available in Flash and Silverlight that HTML5 doesn't fully offer, the most important being full-screen viewing, alpha channel overlays, webcam and microphone access, digital rights management, live streaming, and adaptive streaming.

Reinhardt concluded with his recommendation that video producers create their web page logic to try Flash first; if not available, look for an iOS player; and as a last resort, try HTML5 using H.264 and WebM.

View the video of the entire presentation below. Download Reinhardt's presentation here.

Debunking HTML5 Video Myths: A Guide for Video Publishers

Now that Google has made the decision to remove H.264 from Chrome, it's more important than ever to pick the right video formats for online video distribution. Many claims about HTML5 have been laid down by both standards and Flash proponents, and not all of them are based on fact. This session walks you through the capabilities of HTML5 and the Flash platform as well as the codecs they support, including WebM and H.264. Learn the effect HTML5 will have on video encoding and distribution in the future and how HTML5 may impact your business.

Speaker: Robert Reinhardt, Creator, videoRx.com

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