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Brand Safety and Online Advertising: Who Can Advertisers Trust?

Can brands feel comfortable putting their ads in the wild west area of online video? Can they be sure that their ads will appear on family-friendly content? Measuring results and brand safety are two big hurdles for advertisers, said Jed Meyer, U.S. research director for business and marketing technology company Annalect, speaking at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City.

"The other thing that comes up a lot from our dialog with clients is the comfort in terms of spending money in online video around brand safety," Meyer said. "That's actually the biggest step is getting them comfortable that we're going to invest their money in a channel, in an area where they can have confidence. Even as much as the measurement issue, that's a big barrier in terms of letting people know that they're not going to run next to something objectionable."

While programmatic ad buying is a hot topic now in the online video ad world, with ad companies trying to entice brands into this method of automatic purchasing, Meyer thinks it won't take off until premium content is offered programmatically.

"There's clearly a lot of opportunities to automate some of those processes, and I think when you talk of programmatic, to me there's lots of aspects of it that everybody defines a little bit differently: There's the technology around it, there's the workflow, there's the inventory. The technology, if you could automate a lot of this stuff, why wouldn't you, in terms of doing that?" Meyer asked. "The part to me that's the stickiest wicket is inventory, because so much of that inventory -- the most desirable inventory -- my sense is it will take a while to get out there into something like a programmatic channel."

For more on how online publishers can appeal to TV advertisers, watch the panel discussion below.


How Advertisers Can Master the Spend Between Television and Digital Video

This year’s TV Upfront marks one of the first years that a common set of measurement metrics is available in the advertising world for both television and digital video. Agencies and brands alike are now faced with the challenge to create a holistic spending strategy that brings the most value from both online and television ad dollars. In this session, speakers will explain how technology is now enabling businesses to strategically map cross-screen advertising spend in order to maximize campaign ROI. The panel will discuss how these strategies are effectively optimizing campaign reach and influence, as well as combating struggles of fragmenting reach and inventory restraints that have historically come with television-only campaigns.

Moderator: Jim Nail, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Speaker: Aleck Schleider, VP, Data and Analytics, Videology
Speaker: Jed Meyer, U.S. Research Director, Annalect
Speaker: Mike Siegenthaler, Chief Content Officer, Initiative

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