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AOL Offers Tips for Foolproof Live Event Video Streaming

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Session C104 at the recent Streaming Media East conference -- offering best practices for live streaming production -- was streamed live on this site. Not surprisingly, it started off with audio issues. Hear them in the video below. Maybe a little more advance preparation would have helped.

That kind of planning was one thing panelist Dennis Scarna, live streaming producer for AOL/Huffington Post Media Group, recommended when asked about tips for live video events.

"We've seen in the past -- just drop the stream in the middle of the event, so it's good to have redundancy if you do go onsite," Scarna said. "Communicate with the IT department. Test your workflow way in advance. Plan ahead. Especially working with production, you may have a lot of audio issues. Say the audio engineer is making a full mix and he's sending you a sub-mix to your encoder, have them test the audio to you so it doesn't come low or high in the gain."

During the question-and-answer session, one audience member asked about covering live events with a backpack-style cellular device.

"It's very efficient," Scarna answered. "These backpacks have up to 15 modem cards placed inside the backpack, and they each have different cell services, so it's like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, or whoever else. It has a built-in redundancy so it dynamically switches to whatever has the best cell service in that area you're in. We've used it a lot onsite."

For more live video streaming advice, watch the full discussion below.


Best Practices For Live Streaming Production

This session will discuss tips and tricks, best practices, and lessons learned regarding the technical setup of live streaming production. Learn how to stream multiple formats, use social networking overlays, and leverage adaptive bitrate streaming. Speakers in this session are the ones in the trenches, producing some of the largest live events you see on the web today.

Moderator: Dylan Armajani, Digital Workflow Technologies Specialist, Viacom
Speaker: Kiran Patel, Senior Product Manager, Video Media Services, BBC Future Media
Speaker: Dennis Scarna, Live Streaming Producer, AOL/Huffington Post Media Group
Speaker: Simon Ball, Global Head of Operations and Multimedia Delivery, Nasdaq OMX

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