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NAB 2018: Zype Talks Social Media Multicasting

Anthony Burokas: Hello there, my name is Anthony Burokas, with Streaming Media, here at NAB 2018. We're here to discover some of the latest technologies available to producers. I am here with Ed Lacszynski, from Zype. And, Zype may not be a household word for most people, but I think the technologies that you're offering can be very beneficial to a lot of small entry-level producers. Is that correct?

Ed Lacszynski: Really, we focus on building an infrastructure for teams that build innovative video products. So, direct-to-consumer products, products that enable live streaming, products that really enable customers to grow their audience. And, at NAB, today, we're announcing two new products along those lines. We found that in the industry, a lot of people think about OTT, they think about connected TV devices or apps. And that's great. Those are great things to publish to, but it's really about getting audience where the audience is. For a lot of our customers, especially in the long-to-midtail, it's social media.

So, we're announcing a product called Social Media Multicasting, which lets our customers live stream to Facebook, to Periscope, to YouTube, and their own websites and apps, all from one-click-of-the-button experience.

Anthony Burokas: In terms of reaching all these different markets, how does that ... Let's just say you've got a small video producer, they're looking to grow, what would be the stages of evolution they would work through?

Ed Lacszynski: The journey for someone who wants to stream or create content and put online, really starts with social media. It's the best place to be. It's free to distribute to, and the audience is there for discovery. The next stage is really thinking about owning that audience relationship, and owning the data. That's when you have to think about building tools outside of Facebook or YouTube. And so, we have a product that allows you to very quickly roll out a website. And start to get your audience engaged on your own property. We know about trends like demonetization, there's a lot of risk when content owners really rely on one channel. So we believe in a multi-channel strategy, and we build tools to enable that to happen.

Anthony Burokas: So, let's just say they've moved people to their own website. They're tracking data and things like that, but now they're getting clients who want paywalls. You've got customers who are doing things and they want to put it behind a wall and make money off of this video. What do they do then?

Ed Lacszynski: We all like making money. I think, using social media in these aggregated platforms to promote and get discovery is a great way to integrate a paywall. If you have 100,000 people watching your streams every day, and then you link back to a paywall, it's hosted on the web with a product like Zype, you can quickly enable your customers to transact with you directly online. Right inside the video player, they can put in their name, their credit card information, you can capture their email. You can use our automated workflow service, so then connect that email to your MailChimp, or your CRM system, or whatever else it is that you market to your customers with, and create a virtuous cycle. A really good relationship. So, starting with CellSoul, drive into web, into a paywall that we can provide. And then driving to some automation so you can talk to your customers and get to know them.

Anthony Burokas: Interesting. And then that information that you gather, then gets reused. So a single discovery can then lead to a longtime client?

Ed Lacszynski: Exactly. We have tools that allow for sharing, for example. Let's say you love boxing, and you watch a fight that's on a paywall, it's powered by Zype and you want to share that with your friends, maybe after the event. Your friends then go see it and they go share it again. It's happening on your own platform. It's your data. It's your revenue, but you're still using a social media to create that initial spark. That's where the eyeballs are today.

Anthony Burokas: That is excellent information, and I think it's very beneficial to a lot of people out there who are growing their streaming audience. I want to thank you for your time.

Ed Lacszynski: Thank you.

Anthony Burokas: And we are here live, at NAB 2018. My name is Anthony Burokas for Streaming Media. Thanks for watching.

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