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Video Trends in Higher Education

With almost every aspect of education disrupted over the past few years, companies in the streaming industry rose to the challenge of delivering education over streaming video to hundreds of millions of students across the globe. As the groundswell of educational video rose, the team at Streaming Media realized that the industry and educational institutions had both, likely permanently, changed the way they viewed the use of video in higher education. To better understand that shift we conducted our first Video Trends in Higher Education survey in almost a decade, and will use the results as a way to gauge those changes in both the prior academic year (2021-22) and the one that students, professors, and administrators just concluded. This webinar will take a deep dive into these results.

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Chris Knowlton
Chief Evangelist
Tim Siglin
Founding Executive Director
Help Me Stream Research Foundation, and Contributing Editor, Streaming Media
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VP & Editor-in-Chief
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