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First and foremost, igolgi is an engineering and development company. Our engineering staff has years of experience in every type of compression and encoding technology, and we are experts in software control and interface. From HDTV, VOD, social media streaming, smart devices, and interface to cloud and third-party applications, igolgi provides the most innovative, flexible, and robust encoding and transcoding solutions available today. Our technology ranges form ATSC 3.0 encoding for broadcast to Ultra high speed transcoding for any delivery method.

Product Description

With speeds of up to 100x real-time, Blazar JITT eliminates the need for traditional bitrate ladders, saving money, bandwidth, storage, and time.

Just-in-Time Transcoding (JITT) is a method where compressed video and audio signals are converted from one format to another at the precise moment a request for the signal is made by a video or audio player. This requires the transcoding system to function at speeds much faster than real time. Blazar JITT, a dynamically scalable device, has the unique ability to transcode at a speed up to 100 times faster than real time. In the Blazar system, only the topmost profile — the one with the highest   bitrate — needs to be stored on the DVR storage system.

igolgi’s Blazar highly optimized  transcoder and resource manager software   runs on standard Linux servers with GPU accelerator hardware.  The stack efficiently manages the compute resources to match the transcode requests in a very scalable and efficient manner which is at the true heart of the innovation.  Blazar is available as a software component that can run on any cloud provider such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, OCI etc., or is available as an on-premise solution. The Blazar Software stack is controlled from a simple but powerful API that can be integrated into any workflow.

Blazar JITT fully leverages the latest developments in GPU and CPU technologies and makes optimum use of the various resources in both platforms.  JITT has been contemplated in the past, but neither the COTS computer power nor the software architecture could achieve the speed and scale required for hybrid operations that Blazar is able to accomplish.

When a client device requests the content, Blazar is capable of immediately converting the content to the best bitrate and resolution profile required by the client's device type, the available last-mile bandwidth, CDN bandwidth, and content type. Instead of having a bitrate ladder with multiple profiles, the igolgi Blazar JITT system is an infinite ladder with only one stored profile.  This saves 84% storage compared to a static ladder and 59% compared to a content aware ladder, meaning lower storage and bandwidth cost.  Depending on the content streamed by a CDN, this can amount to impressive cost savings. These savings get further amplified with 4K and higher resolution video content.

Another excellent feature of Blazar JITT is its’ use with an edge cache. When an endpoint device requests the top profile, then the Origin server provides that top profile from the DVR storage, and the edge cache can cache it for future use.  When an endpoint client requests a lesser profile, the edge cache redirects the request to Blazar JITT, which retrieves the top profile then transcodes it to the requested profile. Blazar JITT can be placed next to the Origin server or adjacent to edge cache depending on traffic loads .

In addition to cost savings and higher quality video for lower profiles, the Blazar JITT solution reduces power consumed by the IPTV infrastructure.  Since only the top profile is created and distributed to the edge,  a tremendous amount of power is saved.  In an upcoming detailed paper igolgi demonstrates that even for small user populations, 1000s of metric tons of CO2 can be reduced per year in the infrastructure; more than 70% of the CO2 is removed depending on use cases.