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The Lightcast Media Cloud is an intuitive Media Management System for multi-platform publishing & a Multi-CDN provider, delivering bitrate adaptive live-streams, on-demand media and linear 24/7 streams at transparent and budget-minded rates for publication on websites, social networks, mobile apps, OTT/ConnectedTV and set-top boxes. The Lightcast Media Cloud encompasses cloud-based transcoding, DRM, API, viewership analytics and content management features, providing monetization tools and viewer-response systems to maximize growth. The App Dev Division offers custom Mobile and TV App Development for Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, SmartTV, Android, iOS and other OTT platforms, and can be integrated seamlessly with the Lightcast Media Cloud for faster time-to-market, cost-savings and real-time content management across all platforms.

Product Description provides multi-platform delivery for OTT / ConnectedTV, web, social and mobile applications. Our division for OTT / ConnectedTV app development builds and launches TV apps at any requirement and budget - from the simplest to the most complex ConnectedTV Channels.’s innovative cost-per-viewer OTT / ConnectedTV Ad Network allows advertisers to reach target groups with tailored pre/mid/post-roll video ad campaigns across leading OTT / ConnectedTV Channels, making the “content is king” principle true even for TV advertising. Supplying outboard engines for boats? Advertise in the Boating Channel! Featuring hotels? Advertise on the Hotel Channel! Distributing table wear? Advertise on the Cooking Channel! Selling diapers? Advertise on the Baby Channel! Providing golf gear? Advertise on the All About Golf Channel. Offering cruise vacations? Advertise on the Cruise Channel! Reach new customers while they watch content they are passionate about and products they are willing to spend money on - while in the midst of their next purchase making decision. 

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  • Lightcast MEDIA CLOUD
    The Lightcast MEDIA CLOUD is an advanced “Online Video Platform” (OVP) and “Content Delivery Network" (CDN). Its user-friendly Media Management System and a high-end transcoding service for instant multi-platform delivery, allows publishers to maximize their viewership growth. Maximum device compatibility and viewership growth is a strong-suit and focus of the Lightcast MEDIA CLOUD.
  • Lightcast MONETIZATION
    Monetize your growing viewership by using different revenue strategies and new opportunities. Whether you are donation-based as a NPO, or you need to sell your content at a subscription fee - we have the most suitable solution for you. Looking for advertising revenue but let down by video ad networks? Read about how to cut out the middle-men to increase your share of the advertising revenue.
  • Lightcast ADVERTISING
    Boost viewership growth, lead acquisition and sales through video ad campaigns across leading OTT / Connected TV channels on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and beyond!
  • App Development
    Maximize viewership growth and reach new viewers across new OTT / ConnectedTV platforms - including Roku, Fire TV, AndroidTV and Apple TV.
  • Cloud-Based 24/7 Scheduler's 24/7 Channel is an innovative video delivery product, which allows you to create a 24/7 stream out of your uploaded on-demand video content, simply by dragging and dropping your videos into a schedule, assigning them to a certain "broadcast time".

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