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The State of Streaming Spring 2022

Sponsored By: Tulix

While the streaming industry continues to grow at a fairly rapid clip, there are signs of softness at the upper end of viewership and revenues. We can look back at previous State of Streaming surveys and see the trend started about a year ago; this most recent survey, though, confirms it’s picking up pace. Download the State of Streaming Spring 2022 research report to gain insights into the following and more:

  • How an increase in self-publishing tools has affected content owners
  • Consolidation and fragmentation in different tiers of the OTT market
  • The long- and short-term impact of COVID on EDU streaming
  • Shifts in the dominant resolutions and frame rates across streaming today
  • The current state of latency, buffering, and video quality concerns for media companies, streaming providers, and CDNs
  • The changing physical footprint of data centers for edge strategies