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Tutorial: Creating a Showcase Using Vimeo

Clear Online Video's Stjepan Alaupovic explains how to use Vimeo Showcase to deliver a collection of videos to any audience--a great way to present a group of videos as a branded experience.

Vimeo Showcase is a great way to distribute a collection of videos to any audience. Showcases allow publishers to organize videos together that can be shared publicly or privately. These come in handy when trying to present a group of videos, whether that be for a video professional, a company, or a presenter with an educational course for online learning.

Showcases are easy to create. You can find the Showcase option on the left-hand navigation area of your Vimeo Video Manager. Once selected users can insert the info and metadata associated with their Showcase. You can also choose to make this private with password protection or available to the public. With an upgraded Business membership, Vimeo allows users to index the Showcase with Google.

In addition, Business members can use all of the lead-generation tools, such as cards, contact forms, and chapters. They all work within Vimeo Showcase in the center-screen portion. You can add videos from your library that you want to appear in the Showcase. Please note that any unlisted or private videos will not appear in your Showcase. You can set the order of how you want the videos to appear in the Showcase by clicking and dragging each video icon. You can also set the order of videos to appear by other analytics in this drop-down area. On the left-hand side of the navigation, you can find more settings to customize the Showcase in the asset section. You can choose a background thumbnail. This can be uploaded, or you can choose a frame from your videos. Next, you can add a custom logo and select the color for the Player Settings. More settings for Vimeo Business users can be modified in the SEO section.

Non-Business account users can see a preview of how the Showcase could look when appearing in search results on Google. In the Destination section, publishers can adjust a range of settings starting with the Web option. You can change the layout properties and other settings such as sharing and downloading videos. Under Embed is where you will find the code to embed this Showcase onto a website or landing page to display the videos. There are more options to adjust items like the player preferences, et cetera.

The final section of this area is TV apps. Users can connect their Showcases to apps like Roku and Amazon Fire. In a nutshell, you will use your Showcase feed URL, and submit this to each platform. Additional settings will need to be set on each corresponding platform, which involves going outside of Vimeo. You can learn more by following the links to each platform provided back under the info section. You can find different options to share this Showcase. You create select the share option to copy the link or email it.

Showcase is a great way to show a group of videos and present them as a branded experience. Give Vimeo Showcase a try in your next video campaign. 

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