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5 Things You Need to Know About Vimeo Create

Vimeo is one of the most powerful video marketing platforms in the market today, and the Create tool has opened the platform up to a slew of team members across any organization.

Attention all video publishers: There is a new way to create quick high-impact social videos. Vimeo has officially unveiled the full version of Vimeo Create on Android, iOS, and desktop, and it offers easy tools to make high-quality videos for your business anytime, anywhere.

"Our vision is to make video creation accessible and possible for businesses of all sizes and to empower the people that have never been able to create professional-quality videos themselves with a simple, easy-to-use solution," according to a Vimeo blog post.

Vimeo Create Fig1

What is Vimeo Create?

Vimeo Create is a short-form video creation tool that businesses can use to produce their video assets.  The system is designed for entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking to create quick videos, with the option to add powerful features such as brand fonts, colors, graphics, music, text captions, and access to a stock footage library.

Creators can use a variety of custom templates from Vimeo that include sales, driving traffic, seasonal announcements, promotional use, and several other categories. Publishers can also build videos from scratch using their footage or media. Create works seamlessly with media from your phone or Google Photos, Dropbox,  Facebook, and even CRM workflows. These assets can be edited with their AI smart editor that includes a feature-rich toolset without complex video editing. 

Vimeo Create Fig2

Anyone can try Vimeo Create for free, but you’ll need a Pro subscription or higher to save and share your video.

Who Should Use It?

The product is targeted at businesses that might not have the budget to produce videos, but want to use videos as part of a marketing strategy.  "Any business owner or entrepreneur will tell you that one of the main challenges of marketing their brand is actually finding the time to make meaningful content. Businesses can create a professional-quality video in just a few minutes, whenever and wherever," according to the Vimeo team.

While Vimeo Create can help small business owners, big teams should check out the tools as well. Vimeo Create piggybacks off some of the other powerful video platform features, such as the Review Tool. Groups can gather interactive feedback to ease the revision and version control process.

Vimeo Create Fig4

Organizations can offer feedback and insert time-coded edits that are added right to a video page. These edits are sent directly to the video editor, ensuring that all stakeholders are working from the same video, creating smoother edits with faster turnarounds. 

Some publishers have gotten very creative with how they use Vimeo Create. For example, Supermaker, a media company and community designed for startups and creators has used Create to repurpose existing media assets and turned them into promotional videos. 

This is an excellent option for those marketers who need something fast, but do not want to bombard a video team, whether it's in house or external. Marketers can use those existing videos and pull pieces to create new content without having to know the ins and outs of a full-blown video editing application. This is a powerful way to extend the use of your video library and increase the ROI on video assets.

The Vimeo blog shares other tips on how businesses are effectively using Vimeo Create.

Publishers can Analyze the Process

One of the most popular features is the option to distribute videos across the web with a single click, and measure the impact through in-depth analytics provided by Vimeo.  Currently, publishers can send their videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter without having to customize video settings manually for each platform. 

VImeo Create Fig4

Also, the full suite of Vimeo tools is available, as mentioned earlier. Vimeo provides comprehensive analytics like performance, impressions, retention rates, views by device, demographics, etc.

One of the most robust metrics reports is that users can see how those video assets are performing among the social media platforms they distribute to.  The idea that this is one place to view, side by side, is an absolute game-changer.  Publishers can look at engagement channel reports such as shares, likes, comments, etc. 

The real-time data and long-term reporting help video creators spot trends as they're breaking. These metrics can help publishers get a deep dive into their video and distribution channel performance. Most importantly, it can help marketers refine their video strategy for future content.

Vimeo Create is Evolving

"We’re continuing to improve the product, and there’s plenty more to come," according to Vimeo.  Vimeo has promised to add new templates, graphics, music, advanced editing controls, and more to help publishers create better stories and videos.

Vimeo has a track record of continuously innovating their products. Their customer service is responsive, proactive, and takes the time to fully understand the need of their user base. 

Without question, Vimeo is one of the most powerful video marketing platforms in the market today. Any publisher looking to get the most from their video platform should take an in-depth look at everything Vimeo can offer. The Create tool has opened the platform up to a slew of team members across any organization.  

Whether you are a video guru or have no video experience, Vimeo Create has simplified the video process without sacrificing on quality.

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