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New World Symphony's Clyde Scott Talks Pivot to Streaming, New PTZ Workflow

Streaming Media Producer Editor Steve Nathans-Kelly and New World Symphony Director of Video Production Clyde Scott discuss New World Symphony's recent adoption of a workflow centered on Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras and controllers and their pandemic-era pivot to livestreaming.

In this interview, I spoke with Clyde Scott, Director of Video Production at New World Symphony. Based in Miami, New World Symphony provides education and performance experience to recent graduates of top conservatories to prepare them for leadership roles in professional orchestras.

Described as “a laboratory for the way music is taught, presented, and experienced,” for many years, NWS has provided not only residential and distance learning for talented young musicians, but has also presented an annual classical music concert series with an innovative hybrid model. Series subscribers attend concerts in NWS’s unique, in-the-round performance hall, while members of the local community are invited to watch live-switched “WALLCAST” IMAG presentations of the concerts in the park on the Performance Hall grounds.

As Director of Video Production, Clyde has developed a sophisticated workflow for the WALLCAST presentations incorporating a video storyboard and shooting script based on the orchestral configurations, lighting design, and musical flow of each performance, and deploying robotic cameras managed through NWS’s in-house Telemetrics system.

Over the last few years, Clyde has been researching new camera systems in an effort to upgrade to 4K production, and also enable a more fluid POV shooting style to capture the symphony performances more dynamically and less obtrusively. After much experimentation, in 2019 NWS chose Panasonic’s AW-UE150 4K PTZ cams and AW-RP150 touchscreen remote camera controller as the core elements of their new production system for the 2019-20 season and beyond.

That season, of course, came to a grinding halt when the pandemic hit in March 2020, and as the symphony transitioned to smaller-ensemble performances in an empty hall, Clyde’s WALLCASTs gave way to webcasts. In our interview, we talk about both production pivots: first, the planned adoption of the new PTZ workflow, and the totally unexpected shift to streaming.

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