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Tutorial: How to Produce Broadcast-Quality Events with the NewTek TriCaster 40, Part 2

In the final installment of our two-part series on how to create broadcast-quality live productions with the NewTek TriCaster TC40, Jan Ozer demonstrates how to mix and stream your show.

Producing the Live Event

To produce the live event, I’ve created a script that includes both how the various controls should be configured before the event and how I’ll switch them during the event.

Here’s how it will work. Pre-show. I want the full-screen title running with DDR cued to Intro in Preview. I want the lower-third title ready in DSK 1. I’ll press Stream (bottom center of Figure 13, below) to start streaming 15 minutes before the show to make sure that’s going smoothly. A minute before the show, I’ll press Record (bottom left of Figure 13, below) to start the archive function.

Figure 13. Press Start (bottom, center) to start delivering the stream; press Record (bottom, left) to start archiving it.

To start the show, I’ll press Auto to transition to the introductory advertisement in the DDR (Figure 14, below). Then I’ll set Full to Preview, so the full-screen video will transition in once the short advertisement is complete.

Figure 14. Transitioning to the opening ad.

While talking, I’ll transition in the title, then remove it once done. Once the intro is done, I’ll transition to virtual input one for the PiP discussion. If I’m talking and producing, I’ll click over directly, since it’s one click instead of two. Then I’ll click over to PPT for the bulk of the presentation, where I won’t be on screen.

During this short break, I’ll load the ending playlist into the DDR. Once the presentation is complete, I’ll transition back to full-screen to take any questions, and place DDR in the Preview. Once I’m done answering questions, I’ll transition to the DDR for credits. Then press I’ll FTB (Fade To Black) to end the presentation.

Obviously it’s simpler if you have a producer running the show separately, but producing the show and serving as the on-screen talent are manageable with the TC40.

As a live production tool, the TC40 incorporates all the elements necessary for a broadcast-quality presentation in a robust platform to let you stream live and save a full-quality broadcast version. The TC40 has all the required bells and whistles with an interface you can learn in about 15 minutes. If you’re looking for a live event production tool, the TC40 should definitely be on the top of your short list.


For more information about the TC40 contact this video’s sponsor,, at 800-323-2325.

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