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Backblaze's Elton Carneiro Talks Public Cloud Storage and Cloud Migration for Streaming

Streaming Media's Marc Franklin interviews Backblaze Senior Director of Partnerships Elton Carneiro on the showfloor at Streaming Media West 2022.

Marc Franklin: We're on the floor at Streaming Media West. I'm here with Elton Carneiro of Backblaze, and he's gonna tell us a little bit about what going on at Backblaze and what to look for in the future.

Elton Carneiro: I'm the Senior Director of Partnerships at Backblaze. Backblaze is a company that offers a public cloud storage at a fraction of the price of the hyperscalers. It's fully S3 compatible, and we're at the show here to show customers how we can be a trusted origin store for their content that can be fronted by any content delivery network out there to serve the audiences that they cater to.

Marc Franklin: So, for people who are just getting into streaming, to put it in layman's terms, you would be the people who store the content, but you'd use the other people's interface to do it? Or would you provide the interface also?

Elton Carneiro: That's a great question. So we would be the content store. Think of a company like Netflix. Netflix has a number of different titles which have to be stored somewhere so the content delivery network--whether it's a Fastly or a CacheFly or a Bunny--can serve up this content from origin store and deliver to the audience that they're catering to.

Marc Franklin: What is it that you're really promoting at the show this year?

Elton Carneiro: So we are here because we've always been doing storage as a company and we've seen an increase in customers shifting from on-prem to the cloud and moving the infrastructure to the cloud. And also if you look at the number of customers who are consuming media over the internet, it has been increasing compared to broadband and cable. And this has basically caused a lot of companies to figure out, how do I solve the ability to offer an experience that my customers experience by watching cable whereby it doesn't buffer, it doesn't lag, and give that experience over over the internet. And this is why we believe that bringing that content to the cloud, making it available close to the user is gonna help that experience.

Marc Franklin: Can you say what some of your big clients are?

Elton Carneiro: There's a company called Kanopy that has about 25,000 titles. Now, this is a company that basically hosts titles that the Netflixes of the world don't want. if you have a library card in the US or Canada, you have access to Kanopy, and Kanopy moved from their previous storage platform to Backblaze B2, because they were encountering issues whereby some of the video chunks would get lost, or get corrupted, and they really needed to offer a reliable platform for their users so their users would get the experience they really wanted to have, which is not having any gaps in the video and so on. And they were looking for a cloud storage platform that would help them to achieve that efficiency and reliability, but also work from a cost perspective. Again, a free platform. So they have to make sure that they're not spending money on infrastructure that doesn't need to be spent. And this is where we came in and we were able to help Kanopy post all their content as well as deliver it to one of our CDN partners to get viewers to have that experience of being able to do that.

Marc Franklin: And if you need to find out more about Backblaze...

Elton Carneiro:, B2 cloud storage.

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