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How Cloud Migration Changes Live Streaming Workflows

LiveSports LLC's Jef Kethley discusses how moving to cloud production has changed both his workflows and the ways he allocates staff in this clip from Streaming Media Connect 2021.

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Learn more about cloud production at Streaming Media West 2021.

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Magnus Svensson: What has changed in your way of working when producing a live event, from the traditional hardware infrastructure to the cloud? Has something changed for the personnel working with those?

Jef Kethley: Absolutely. The biggest change for us is, now I can use the what we call the A-Team--our top people could be spread throughout the country. Now they don't they don't have to travel if hey don't want to, or if they don't need to, or if they're booked back to back. Especially in the freelance world. We use a lot of technicians that are freelance. And so instead of me having to worry about, you can't work this job because you have to travel the day before, or you're back to back with something else. If they're nearby and they have their internet access at home or at their offices, they can log in and perform their job from pretty much anywhere.

As we've talked about, the joke is, "Jef, where are you calling from this time?" Literally, I can be driving down the road and a client calls. If I need to, I can pull over, and log on through TeamViewer or whatever remote access we have available to us.

So now it's changed the workflow of how people work. You're not tied down to just that one person who's sitting in front of that one piece of hardware. That one person could actually be managing four or five different pieces of the whole solution. They're not tied down to just that one piece to do. And they're not having to be tied to one location. They could be managing multiple events in multiple locations. That is another huge, huge thing about putting it on the cloud. It makes it accessible for everybody because all of the infrastructure in the cloud, between all the softwares, between all the computers, between all the pieces--all that is working in the cloud at an unbelievable speed that we can't get.

If we were doing point-to-point with devices, talking to devices across remote locations, and if that person in Kansas happens to drop their internet connection, the second person that's looking over his shoulder or working simultaneously in Miami immediately is right on the top of it. So we're not tied down to just that one person or one workflow coming up from the ground. We've got backups upon backups, and people upon people that could help, so we'd never have a break in the session. We never have a break in our actual performance.

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