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NAB Spotlight: Deity Talks Wireless Mic Solutions

Streaming Media Producer's Anthony Burokas and Deity's Andrew Jones discuss new solutions based on Deity's Deity Connect technology in the Deity booth at NAB 2019.


Anthony Burokas: Hello there, my name is Anthony Burokas and I am here at NAB 2019 in the Deity Booth with Andrew Jones. We're talking microphones. So you've got a lot of stuff that is very innovative. You don't see these things from other manufacturers. One of which that is just been released is this Connect. Tell me about this Connect.

Andrew Jones: So the Deity Connect system is our idea of what a wireless microphone should be. We really feel, at the end of the day, a wireless microphone needs to solve a lot of problems. And as being a sound mixer for five years, I really realized what those problems were. So when they said, you can make your own wireless I said, oh, I've got some ideas. And they're like, okay, cool talk to us. And the product of all this took about six months and I'm very happy with what we came up with. So what it is is a wireless microphone, the most powerful 2.4 gigahertz wireless microphone on the market, 100 milowatts. It also can do a 50, 25 and 10 milowatts. If you need to save battery life, you can actually increase your battery life by reducing the RF power. And what really makes this really, really cool is one problem I always had was the hold for sound issues. So, needs a micro-adjustment, all of a sudden I've got to run into set, I've got to adjust your transmitter and that means, all of a sudden, I hold up the whole production, right. I don't want to be that guy. We all hate that phrase, holding for sound. So what we said was, every single setting in this unit needs to be remote-controlled from this guy. So if I come in, I say I need to make a minor adjustment on yours, I can use the low-cut, I can do even a transmission power. Up the transmission power. I can remote-control it all from here.

Anthony Burokas: And then what about input level. So somebody's just really loud or it's an instrument?

Andrew Jones: Sensitivity, low-cut, high-frequency, gain, if I've buried that lav under some fabric and all of a sudden I'm starting to lose a lot of my high frequencies, I can boost the highs from the actual receiver that tells the transmitter boost up the higher part of the frequencies from 7k to 20k. I can do all of that.

Anthony Burokas: Well that sounds like something that's very, very, very useful in terms of coming from an end users need into the product. And also in terms of, I mean, I looked at this and this seems to have that same sort of mindset.

Andrew Jones: What adapter, what are we plugging in to? Even for today, right now, we're currently on a Saramonics system. We discovered our microdot adapters don't work with the Saramonics. But the smart adapter that we have, we actually developed the one headset just so the smart adapter for the NAB show 'cause we don't know what people are going to come up to us and ask us for audio. And be like, hey I want to shoot an interview with you, like you did to me. I was like, don't you worry about whatever you've got, this little smart adapter will probably work with you whatever you give to me. And you gave me a bodypack transfer and I just plugged that right in. So right now, you guys are actually listening to me on a Deity headset.

Anthony Burokas: And that is something that, when we're out in the world especially with, right now we're using an iPhone-based system and that is always an issue in terms of like, well the beltpack lav is different than an iPhone connection, which is different than a mixing board connection.

Andrew Jones: Or DSLR connection which is hot, hot, cold.

Anthony Burokas: Right, so to have something that figures that out for you, I think is a very innovative solution.

Andrew Jones: And the microprocessor has those four little sensors that figures out where the 3-volt plug in power is, moves the audio there, and if there's two hots like in the case of a DLSR left and right, it goes, cool, I'll give you some dual mono. So right now, we're talking into, I don't know actually what pin the Saramonics likes.

Anthony Burokas: Neither do I.

Andrew Jones: But the connector knows and all of a sudden this headset works.

Anthony Burokas: Now this is not the only thing, does this, there's other microphones that you have with this technology.

Andrew Jones: Yeah, so our D3, our on-camera mic does it as well as the D3 Pro, that also has the same technology. So if your a shooter, you're trying to get into like Filmic Pro or really get in some of these new film contests that must be shot on the phone, well, your audio probably has to be shot on the same phone too, depending on the rules of the contest. We make some pretty good shotguns for the phone.

Anthony Burokas: All right, well thank you very much for talking to us about microphones. My name is Anthony Burokas. We are here at NAB 2019 right here in the Deity booth. Thanks for watching.

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