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NAB Spotlight: SmallHD Talks Wireless Monitoring

SmallHD Marketing Manager Colin Jackson and Streaming Media Producer's Anthony Burokas discuss SmallHD's new 7" monitors, the 702 Touch, and the wireless 500RX .


Anthony: My name is Anthony Burokas. We are here at NAB 2019. I'm here for Streaming Media Producer and SmallHD is a name that has long been synonymous with great monitoring. This year is no let down at all, because you've taken your 7" monitor and made it even better.

Colin: That's right. So our flagship monitor, our 702 Bright, has been around for about three years. It's a product that kind of has lived its life across all spectrums of the industry. So, from high-end cinema, to the top end of the cinematic realm of movies, our products have been on that. Black Panther, high-end movies like that, down to digital cinema agencies, people that are shooting for specific commercials or independent content creator filmmakers. The 702 Bright has been a flagship monitor for us for three years now. And now we've come out with a 702 Touch. So the 702 Touch is the replacement to the 702 Bright. It features a 50 percent increase on the nits of the panel. So the panel is now 1500 nits. So, it was a thousand--

Anthony: So it's not that this is not bright, this is brighter.

Colin: Brighter. So we're talking 1500 nits, a 50 percent increase. 1500 nits is what we're talking about on the 702 Touch. So, it also features a 100 percent DCI-P3 panel. So the color accuracy on this panel is significant. You start to see the darks and the lights are very, very bright and allows the opportunity for somebody to have kind of a OLED rival. Still an LCD panel.

Anthony: Right.

Colin: But still retains the nit value. So, at 1500 nits, you've got daylight viewability. Some of the other features that we've kinda increased on the 702 Touch. We actually added a barrel input, so we've listened to our customers that were asking for an alternative to just the battery power. So we actually added the 12 volt DC input.

Anthony: Right.

Colin: We've actually integrated our Sony battery plate, that's the word I'm looking for, on this product and it allows you to basically, the user to swap out the Sony battery plate with V-mount gold mount solutions as well.

Anthony: Oh, really?

Colin: Yeah, so you're able to not only have the Sony L-series battery plate, you can swap it out with V-mount gold mount batteries which our 702 Bright, you had your integrated Sony L-series or LP-E6 batteries--

Anthony: Right.

Colin: And that was the only option you had. This product, as the name implies, is a touchscreen, so it has our intuitive OS3 operating system with touchscreen display.

Anthony: Okay.

Colin: So, it's a fantastic new product and we believe it'll be the new flagship monitor for Small HD.

Anthony: All right. Now, this is great if you're wired, 'cause I see HDMI and SDI in here. But what if you need to go wireless?

Colin: Yeah, so we came out with our new wireless products within our realm of our sister company, Teradek. This is the City 7 and this particular product is the 500RX. For those of you that are utilizing wireless technology, this is the product that you want to have. This specific monitor features an 1800-nit screen--

Anthony: Wow.

Colin: So a little bit brighter than the 702 Touch by a few hundred nits.

Anthony: Right.

Colin: Still offers that DCI-P3, a 100 percent DCI-P3 color accuracy, which is cinema level.

Anthony: Right.

Colin: But then has the built-in Teradek wireless receiver. So that integration works well with what Teradek's doing, which is the RT products.

Anthony: Right.

Colin: So, follow focus systems and whatnot. The integration between Teradek with the wireless receiver and the RT products allows us to be very harmonious in our approach between our products.

Anthony: Right.

Colin: So you've got the reliability and the trustworthiness of the Teradek Bolt receiver built into it.

Anthony: Right.

Colin: And then also the SmallHD monitor. And with the integrated solution, you don't have to worry about an external wireless transmitter receiver--

Anthony: That's what I was noticing. It's not just like you bolted it on.

Colin: No.

Anthony: It's actually part of the monitor.

Colin: Correct, it's integrated into it, so no longer do you need to worry about screws or extra batteries or anything. It's all integrated into the monitor and this makes a very very portable, lightweight director's monitor or those that are just looking for a wireless solution.

Anthony: And then this one, as opposed to that one, this one actually has the gold mount on the back.

Colin: Correct. This one, it'll come with the Sony L-series batteries slots on them and then you can swap it out to a gold mount or V-mount battery, depending on what you look for.

Anthony: Right, and that probably, how long will this little kit run with the receiver, the monitor and everything?

Colin: Sure, so depending on your battery, this unit will probably run at this size battery, which is a 90-watt-hour, it'll run for about 4 hours.

Anthony: Wow.

Colin: Four to five hours.

Anthony: That's a long time.

Colin: Absolutely.

Anthony: So that makes it easy to see what you're doing, check out camera feeds and things like that, then you could be anywhere in this space.

Colin: Absolutely, lighting as well, so if you're ever in a situation where you need to make sure lighting is appropriate in a location, the wireless technology really helps that.

Anthony: All right, well, thank you very much.

Colin: Apreciate it.

Anthony: I'm with Colin Jackson, here at the Small HD booth at NAB 2019 for Streaming Media Producer. Thanks for watching.

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