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NAB Spotlight: Teradek Talks VidiU Go HDMI

Streaming Media Producer's Anthony Burokas and Teradek's Michael Gailing discuss the new, lower-priced version of the Teradek VidiU Go at the Teradek booth at NAB 2019.


Anthony Burokas: Hello there, my name is Anthony Burokas. I'm here for Streaming Media Producer at NAB 2019. I'm here in the Teradek booth, Teradek is the maker of lots of different solutions but I'm here with Michael who's going to tell us about this streaming solution that we have here. What is this?

Michael Gailing: So this is the VidiU Go, this is latest livestreaming encoder that we initially released back in December but today at NAB, we announced the VidiU Go HDMI. So it's identical to the original VidiU Go, the only difference is that it no longer has the SDI connector, and it's now a more affordable price. So it's down to $1,200 instead of $1,500.

Anthony Burokas: Right, I know a lot of people were like, oh my goodness! But when you buy into this, I think they don't realize you're buying into a lot of capability when you buy into this like go through some of the advantages you have with it, it's not just a streaming box.

Michael Gailing: No, it's not. It's much more complex than that and actually it's probably the most advanced streaming encoder you can buy by a long shot at this price point. So first off, it's an HEVC livestreaming device, it's got a 3G-SDI and an HDMI input, dual-band WiFi, ethernet, and right here on the sides, you'll see there's an USB port and that means you can plug two of our Node for VidiU Go modems which are a 4G LTE modems, right there on the side so it's a really nice integrated solution. The beauty of having these nodes is that you can put any SIM card in your region in and you don't have to worry about firmware issues and we built these off of our, the nodes are actually broadcast-quality modems which we built for our Bond products which are the ones that we sell to broadcast television and professional sports, et cetera. So you get much, much better connectivity than you otherwise would from, usually from off-the-shelf carrier modems.

Anthony Burokas: Right, right. Now, you've got all these different ethernet connections which means bonding, bonding, there needs to be a second half. What is the second half?

Michael Gailing: Yeah, so that's the beauty of having these two modems. Right? And it's not just those two modems. It's also the ethernet and the WiFi being bonded together and once you stream it over the aggregated bandwidth, you go to our service in the cloud called Core. and what Core does is it stitches it all back together, the video feed. And then from Core, you can send it out to unlimited destinations, multiple Facebook pages, you know, YouTube, Vimeo, you name it. You can manage your entire encoder from Core as well and in addition to a whole slew of other features that you can check out at our website.

Anthony Burokas: Now this has got a power jack but it's got a battery too, right?

Michael Gailing: Yeah, so actually the power jack is USB-C and we do that for a reason. We found that a lot of people on our previous encoders were frustrated with the barrel connector, it's just kind of a weird, I mean I've got like five different barrel connectors at home just for different electronic devices, USB-C is more prevalent on smartphones so we figured, well, you can just connect the modem to this and you're good to go. But it's also got about a two-hour battery inside. So if you wanted to be truly mobile you could do that, no problem.

Anthony Burokas: Right, well, and that sounds like a great little tool for people who are out there and looking to up their game in terms of, you know, cellular interference, competition, WiFi, and have your own solution in terms of getting your multi-camera livestream out to the internet. With Streaming Media Producer, my name is Anthony Burokas at NAB 2019. Thank for watching.

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