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NAB Spotlight: Wipster Talks Client Review via Visual Annotation

Wipster Head of Creative Growth Kelsey Brannan and Streaming Media Producer's Anthony Burokas discuss how Wipster makes the client feedback process smoother in this interview from the Wipster booth at NAB 2019.


Anthony: My name is Anthony Burokas, with Streaming Media Producer here at NAB 2019. Today we're gonna talk a little bit about client review. If you've got content you need to get feedback on, people to get eyes on it make comments, give approval, people have tried YouTube, people have tried Vimeo and other solutions, even Dropbox, but they're not really client review solutions. I am here with Kelsey,

Kelsey: Glad to be here.

Anthony: In the Wipster booth, and tell me, what is Wipster? It's not really a common name yet.

Kelsey: Yeah, so Wipster, actually the WIP in Wipster stands for Work In Progress. So that's where it came from. So work in progress, when we're creating things, we're always in that work in progress. So that's how the name came about.

Anthony: Revision one, revision two,

Kelsey: Yeah.

Anthony: The final, final, final.

Kelsey: The final, final. And the idea is that we just want to solve the problem to make the feedback process more smoother. So, for example, you may have had this experience of emailing a client or even your team a video and they leave a ton of time-coded comments, and then there'll be another email with more time-coded comments, and you have to sort through and remember all of that. What Wipster does, is it allows the client or your team members to visually annotate that video just by clicking on it and leaving that feedback. So it just makes it more streamlined, easier to use, and useful, especially if your client's remote, and you can't be with them in person. It allows you to communicate better.

Anthony: I've used online review solutions as well and I've also found them useful in terms of, I have someone else who's an editor, but I need to look at it first before we feed it off to the client. So I can give feedback, but I am not the editor. So I don't have access to the actual files, I'm just looking at what is delivered. I'm really at the mercy of this is all I really get to see.

Kelsey: And you can do team-only comments too. If you wanted to leave a comment to the editor but you didn't want the client to see it, you could leave that comment to your team as sort of that "privacy" aspect of it. The idea is that, if there's multiple reviewers, let's say, everybody sees what other people have already said, so they don't repeat the same feedback, you know what I mean?

Anthony: You'd think that, but people will still be like, "I don't like this, I don't like this, I don't like this," yeah okay, we got that.

Kelsey: You can reply to things and say you agree or disagree and all stuff like that. Its just a way for you to communicate easily.

Anthony: So that's video review.

Kelsey: Right.

Anthony: And now, here at NAB, you've also announced audio review.

Kelsey: Yes, so now, you can upload music files, you can upload voiceover work, if you're a sound mixer, you could upload an entire mix and people can leave annotated feedback on the waveform itself. On the other side of Wipster, it's also a MAM as well. So you could have Media Asset Management. If you're collecting assets for pre-production, you could upload music files and send them to your clients and say, "Do you like this one versus the other one?" And they can download it. So if you're working with an editor in a different location, you can share those assets as well, 'cause in addition to feedback, it is file delivery. There's no compression, you can download the original file as well.

Anthony: Okay so, in addition to audio and video, what other assets can we manage through this?

Kelsey: Images and PDFs as of now. On the product roadmap, I could foresee it being used as storage for even project files. So for example, the Premiere Pro project file. Why not, you know what I mean? We want it just to be that hub where creators can upload stuff, get feedback, download it, and share assets anytime.

Anthony: Okay, that sounds like a very good solution to works in progress.

Kelsey: Exactly, that's right.

Anthony: So, thank you very much.

Kelsey: Thank you for having us, cheers.

Anthony: We're here at NAB 2019 here at the Wipster booth for Streaming Media Producer. My name is Anthony Burokas, thanks for watching.

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