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Tutorial: How to Improve Your Editing Efficiency With Premiere Pro’s Rate Stretch Tool

This tutorial demonstrates how to streamline clip length adjustments in Adobe Premiere Pro CC using the handy Rate Stretch tool.

Shortening Footage With the Rate Stretch Tool

You can also do the reverse and speed up your footage to make the same footage fit in a smaller space in the timeline.

Let's undo our first set of steps to our clip. Now let's reset the Rate Stretch tool, and this time let's drag in or trend in with the tool. You can see in Figure 5 (below) that the percentage of the clip has increased.

Figure 5. The clip is now at 154.55%.

As you can see this is a very simple way to extend or shorten clips over time, within the timeline. I find it very handy of any kind of edit, especially the quick turnarounds. Give it a try in your next Adobe Premiere Pro project.

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