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June 2019

Tutorial: Using the New Lumetri Color Interface in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

The new Lumetri Color panel makes it simple to correct your footage and then creatively control the color with preset looks or your own adjustments. It's one of the best new additions in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 update.

Working With the Color Wheels

You can also make some useful and creative adjustments using Color Wheels (Figure 17, below). This is a new three-wheel color corrector that allows you to adjust the midtones, the shadows, and the highlights in your clip separately.

However, if you like the older color correction controls, fear not; those are still available. You can still find the Fast Color Corrector, for example, in Effects > Video Effects > Color Correction. All of the other Color Correction effects from previous versions of Premiere Pro are still there, such as the Three-Way Color Corrector. You can apply those and use those separately, so you’re not losing anything; you’re just getting a new interface for adjusting color.

Figure 17. The new Color Wheels three-wheel color corrector.

Using Vignettes

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the Vignette section of the Lumetri Color panel (Figure 18, below). If you want a vignette around the edges of this clip, you can add the either a bright or dark vignette by dragging the Amount slider to the left (for dark) or right (for bright). Use the Feather slider to determine how far in from the edges of the image the vignette will extend. The Roundness slider affects the shape of the vignette, and you can also adjust the midpoint. Once you're done, youcan save all of these applied adjustments as a Look, a Cube, or a Preset. As before, you can also just copy and paste it to another clip.

Figure 18. Dark vignette applied. Click the image to see it at full size.

Overall, the new Lumetri Color panel makes it simple to correct your footage and then creatively control the color with preset looks or your own adjustments. It’s one of the best new additions in the Premiere Pro CC 2015 update.


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