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First Look: Vimeo Video Review Tools

Vimeo's Anjali Sud gives Streaming Media Producer's Shawn Lam a look at Vimeo's new review and collaboration features and integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Shawn: It's Shawn Lam here for Streaming Media Producer at NAB 2017. I'm here with Anjali and we are at the Vimeo booth. We're going to be talking about some of the new updates to Vimeo, their offerings through the Vimeo pro and Vimeo business including the review page and the Adobe Premiere panel. Let's start with the review page. What's new?

Anjali: Thanks for chatting with us. We're so excited to be here at NAB. Vimeo's always been very focused on high-quality tools for creators and we've been launching a lot of updates to build an end to end workflow solution. Our video review tools are brand new. They were launched in January. They allow our users to review and approve work with as many people as they want. They can share private review pages, customized for their company or their agency. They can share that with unlimited reviewers. They can add, in video comments, anywhere in the frame. They can create to do lists. They can resolve comments. They can check out and manage those comments on the phone, on the go, or on desktop.

It's been great. We've seen over three million reviewers use the tool since January and hundreds of thousands of comments. A lot of folks have told us that it's really saved them a ton of time and allowed them to create better videos.

Shawn: I've been using that product myself for some of my clients and one of the neat features is the ability for the client to have a comment that's linked to a time code because I was so sick of hearing, "At this point they describe the video, do this." It's nice they just hit pause, put the comment in, and away we go. Now I can edit and I know exactly where they're referring to.

Anjali: That's right. One of the biggest pain points has been sending emails back and forth where you have to type in the time code. The other issue is that there are some services out there that offer this technology but it's really expensive. What was great about this feature is that you don't have to type in the timecode. You just choose a second in the frame. The time code automatically populates. It's all included with your Vimeo pro membership. You're not having to spend extra money just to have seamless reviews.

Shawn: Anjali, you also have a Premiere Pro plug-in, a panel there that it helps speed up the upload process, it gives you a bit more control. What can you tell us about that?

Anjali: Adobe Premiere Pro is obviously a really popular editing software. A lot of our creators often use it before they're uploading their videos to Vimeo. One of the big pain points we heard is that they're having to export their video from Adobe Premiere Pro and then download it, upload it back to video. They have to jump back and forth between Adobe and Vimeo. We wanted to make our creator's lives easier. With this panel, you are able to manage, upload, set custom presets, privacy options, generate review pages all within Adobe Premiere Pro. You don't have to jump between Vimeo and Adobe and, again, just saves you a lot of time and makes it really easy.

Shawn: You also launched some updates to the Video Manager. What can you tell us?

Anjali: Sure. We completely redid our interface for managing your videos and asset management on Vimeo. Now, when you go to Vimeo and you go to your videos, you can easily see a list view of all of your videos. You can easily sort those videos. You can manage your privacy settings all in one place. And we've launched a new staff snapshot so that you can easily, for any of your videos, visit a page that gives you the top five most important stats. You can see engagement graphs and drop off of your videos. It's really just designed, again, to make it much easier for our creative professionals to really organize and to work with in Vimeo.

Shawn: Excellent. Thank you very much, Anjali. Vimeo seems to be reducing a lot of the pain points and we all know it's a great online distribution platform for the content that we create. Shawn Lam here for Streaming Media Producer at NAB 2017. Thank you.

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