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First Look: Epiphan 4k and Webcaster X2

Shawn Lam and Epiphan's Anthony Taroni discuss Epiphan's 4k and Webcaster X2 in the Epiphan booth at NAB 2017.

This video provides a closer look at two new live production tools from Epiphan Systems, the 4K USB capture device, and the Webcaster X1 and X2 Facebook Live and YouTube streaming encoders being demo'd at the Epiphan booth at NAB 2017.

Read the complete transcript of this interview:

Shawn: It's Shawn Lam here for Streaming Media Producer at NAB 2017. I'm at the Epiphan booth with Anthony and we'll be talking about the Webcaster X1, the Webcaster X2 as well as the 4K. Let's start with the 4K, it's this little device here. What does this do?

This is a device that will take your 4K signal and convert it to USB and at that point you can hand it off to your computer to use it for a multitude of different applications that are hosted by the computer.

Which USB protocol is supported?

Anthony: 3.0.

Shawn: 3.0. So this is 4K, so this is the Ultra HD 4K resolution over HDMI that comes in and the important thing is that the hardware is inside the box here. All USB 3 converters need to have that, so it offloads the processing power from the CPU or the GPU to this device here. So pretty simple to understand. Price point?

Anthony: $499.

Shawn: Excellent. All right let's talk about the Webcaster X1 and the Webcaster X2. So what makes them different?

Anthony: With the Webcaster X1, there's dedicated hardware for both Facebook and then a separate piece of hardware for YouTube. The X2 will bring those together and you'll have both supported on one piece of hardware.

Shawn: So this is dedicated hardware to plug in an HDMI device and to push either to YouTube or the Facebook Live. The important thing is the integration. So how does the user connect their account on this device?

Anthony: It's pretty simple. Once you turn on the Webcaster device it will present you a code, you use that code in your Facebook page and then any video that comes of that encoder will be placed on that page.

Shawn: Okay and what's the price point on the X1? I know the X2 it hasn't been fully announced yet with pricing but the Webcaster X1.

Anthony: $299.

Shawn: Excellent. Thank you very much Anthony. This has been a look at some of the updates at Epiphan at NAB 2017.

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