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Tutorial: Streamline Your Adobe After Effects Workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's a look at 15 keyboard shortcuts that will enhance the efficiency of your After Effects workflow.

Welcome to a quick tutorial on streamlining your After Effects workflow with the use of keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts can increase productivity and can actually save you an estimated 8 days a year by not switching back and forth from the keyboard to the mouse, according to the American Express Open Forum.

I put together a list of 15 shortcuts to make for a more efficient workflow when using After Effects for your video projects. These are some my favorite shortcuts that I use frequently when working inside of After Effects.

  • Pressing T on a layer = Reveals the layer’s opacity properties
  • Pressing P on a layer = Reveals the layer’s position properties
  • Pressing S on a layer = Reveals the layer’s scale properties
  • Pressing R on a layer = Reveals the layer’s rotation properties
  • Press U on a layer = Reveals the layer’s keyframes
  • Press the asterick’s key in any panel to place the panel in full screen mode
  • Command/Ctrl + N in the project panel = Creates a new composition
  • Command/Ctrl + K in the timeline panel = Opens the composition settings
  • Command/Ctrl + Up or Down Arrow in in the timeline panel = navigates between the project layers
  • Command/Ctrl + Y = new solid
  • Command/Ctrl + D = Duplicates an object
  • Command/Ctrl + T = switches to the type tool
  • Press Return/Enter on any layer or asset to rename it
  • Alt + Left Bracket [ = Trim a layer from the left
  • Alt + Right Bracket ] = Trim a layer from the right

Start using these shortcuts and you will quickly discover how keyboard shortcuts will speed up your workflow!

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