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Tutorial: Multiformat Editing in Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7

One of the great things about Grass Valley EDIUS 7 is its ability to take footage in multiple codecs and frame rates, place them on the same timeline, and edit and play them in real time. In this tutorial, we'll explore how to leverage this feature in your projects.


One of the great things about Grass Valley EDIUS 7 is its ability to take multiple codecs, frame rates, and whatnot, place them on the same timeline, and edit and play them in real time. We’ll explore how that works in this tutorial.

Importing Multi-Format Media

To begin importing media, go to the Bin window in the upper right of the main EDIUS UI, and double-click to open the Browse window. You can see in Figure 1 (below) that I have a lot of different codecs here, which doesn’t even touch the amount of codecs that EDIUS can actually use.

Figure 1. The Browse window, with source media codecs arranged by folder. Click the image to see it at full size.

HQX is the native format for EDIUS. If I double-click on an HQX file, it will appear in the Bin window. I can double-click on it there and send it over to the Player window, or I can just bring it right down to the timeline and be able to play it right there. Of course, that’s nothing amazing, because HQX is EDIUS’s native format.

Let’s say I want to grab an AVCHD file. I go back to the Browse window, select an AVCHD file, and bring it right down to the timeline. As you can see in the video above around the 1:22 mark, I can play very smoothly directly from the HQX clip into the AVCHD clip.

What’s more, you can you into your transitions, bring down a transition to the timeline, place it between the two clips, and play through it without any trouble whatsoever, as you can see at the 1:42 mark in the tutorial video above.

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