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David Chung
Video Product Manager, Morningstar

David Chung is an executive producer and video product manager successful at envisioning and executing business strategy, editorial content, channel development, and external relationships. Expert at producing, programming, and distributing serial branded content for free and premium audiences while designing and developing world-class digital video experiences.

Articles By David Chung

How to Produce an All-Day Webcast

This article will discuss an all-day webcast that Morningstar does every year for its Individual Investor Conference, going through the decisions made in pre-production, the vendors selected, and the workflow, and share some tips that readers take into your webcast productions.
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Nov 2014

Feeding the Beast, Part 2: Production Workflow

The next key element of feeding the beast and maintaining high-volume video output is workflow; the choices that you make for your workflow are important for everything that you do, from studio space to production, post, syndication, and archiving.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Jan 2014

Feeding the Beast: Producing Serial Content Effectively, Part 1: Generating Content

Video publishers often struggle to keep up with the demands of viewers expect fresh content on a daily basis, and advertisers who want lots of inventory. This article explains how a two-person production crew generates 800-1,000 new videos per year for a leading site for investors.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Jan 2014

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