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Meet the SMPLive Presenter: Jyl Ferris,

Jyl Ferris, creative director of the popular webisodic cooking show, discusses her Streaming Media Producer Live 2013 session, "How to Corner a Niche Market for Episodic Web Video."


Cookingforbachelors.TV was launched as a one-of-a-kind web-based cooking network. Free webisodes provide the ingredients for cooking easy, delicious, nutritious meals. The creator, Jyl Ferris — also the show’s host — demonstrates easy-to-follow meals based on techniques not ingredients. From her kitchen studio in Brooklyn, New York she empowers viewers to discover their own kitchen confidence.

Cookingforbachelors.TV delivers solutions to today’s conscientious consumer by showing how learning to cooking at home can help to save money, eat healthier, live greener and even inspire creativity.

Using the internet, and the luxury of streaming content, viewers can choose what to watch when they want to cook. Because every dish from each episode has its own video, the viewer can mix and match videos to make a meal from what they have in their kitchen. There are also lists of necessities available for downloading from the site.

“We chose the name to debunk the mysteries and fears of cooking by addressing bachelors — typically known for having nothing in their refrigerators. But this show is certainly not for bachelors only. All meals are made from scratch using pure, simple, local ingredients. There are tips and tricks that even seasoned cooks can learn from,” said Jyl, life-long foodie, designer and mother of four.

The Cooking for Bachelors video series presently consists of 150 videos which have been seen by over 60 million viewers.

Jyl's Streaming Media Producer Live session, which takes place at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, November 19, focuses on the real-world trials and tribulations I've undergone in creating a successful online video series, including branding, naming, production philosophy, social media marketing, and finding and securing revenue sources, partnerships, and sponsors. This session provides would-be episodic web series creators with essential insights into how to get their projects off the ground and how to keep their series solvent and fresh.

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